Frequently Asked Questions

If your facility handles combustible dust, then the answer is YES, NFPA 652 says a DHA is a requirement. NFPA firmly outlines that the absence of any prior events (fire/explosion) does not remove the requirement for a DHA and is not evidence that the dust is not combustible. Only a dust test can answer this question.

Lead time can vary based on project complexity and travel (if required), but the general lead time is approximately 2-4 weeks AFTER the receipt of PO and signed agreement, PLUS the receipt of : 1.) all data from the customer/buyer concerning the details of their process and their facility (simple flow diagrams/descriptions, MSDS sheets, etc); and 2.) confirmation of dust characteristics, typically from a 3rd party dust testing facility. Of note, new dust testing labs are running 4-6 weeks lead time for dust test reports.

Cost/price can also have a large variation based on complexity and travel. Standard simple systems with one or two production lines or areas, might run in the $6000-$10,000 range, which would not include any costs for 3rd party dust testing, or travel expense if outside the Western USA. Our company provides price quotations for our DHAs at no cost or obligation, please see [link to the RFQ webpage] for a free quick quote, which we return in 48-72 hours. New 3rd party dust testing , if required ,(billed by the testing company direct to you) could run $4000-$5000+ per dust type. See About Dust Testing.

Our philosophy suggests that an owner should dictate the level of involvement for their internal team. Our company, DHA Solutions, will take the ‘lead’ role of course. At minimum, the owner should have one specific person assigned to the team, who is highly familiar with the actual manufacturing processes, and can also assemble a large amount of site/process data prior to the visit(s). Beyond that – the owner may also elect to have several other members on the team. Examples: personnel from Production, Safety/EH&S, Maintenance, Training, etc. A key finding: the gathering and transmission of the process/dust/site data can be among the most time-consuming items for the owner, but these are mostly done prior to any site visit.

We guarantee that the DHA report will satisfy the initial DHA reporting requirements of NFPA 652 (and your AHJ), and that the report will help identify combustible dust risk in your facility. It will feature a list of potential recommendations that may reduce your risk from combustible dust hazards. It is important to note – that a DHA from our company, or ANY DHA consultant company, DOES NOT GUARANTEE OR WARRANTY AGAINST ANY FUTURE COMBUSTIBLE DUST EVENT INCLUDING FIRE OR EXPLOSION.

We treat non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements very seriously. We will sign mutual NDA agreements with customers, and have similar language baked-into our own T&Cs. While at the facility, we observe and comply with all customer safety protocols including PPE and COVID precautions.

The primary work product will be a Dust Hazard Analysis Report, shared digitally (PDF) and also sent via color hard copy (3 copies) in a binder or folder. At the time of report delivery, DHA Solutions will review the entire report (upon customer request) with the customer via a remote live meeting, with focus on the ‘recommendations’ in the report.

Any DHA report will most likely contain a key page of recommended actions, with notes about urgency or importance. An owner can choose which (if any) of the recommendations to implement. Additionally, NFPA 652 indicates that a DHA report be revisited and updated every five years, and when any significant change is made to the process (machinery, materials, etc). A DHA review should be incorporated into the customer’s management-of-change protocols.

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